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From cutting our own emissions, reducing energy consumption and helping farmers adapt to changing weather patterns and a warming planet, to working with freight operators to find solutions for the sustainable development of their industry - we are not just a neutral observer.

Our work to address climate change involves:

  • Setting reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption worldwide across our assets
  • Training farmers and providing tools to help them adapt to adverse effects of global warming
  • Working with our partners in the freight industry to find efficient solutions to ship our products, while reducing emissions and cost
  • Working towards zero deforestation within our palm oil and soy supply chains
  • Promoting sustainable practices throughout our different commodity supply chains

Case Study

GHG Emissions

Our Wittenberg biodiesel plant took a series of measures to improve its greenhouse gas (GHG) saving potential. Selecting rapeseed suppliers based on CO2 balance and using consumables with less GHG impact, such as methanol, were the main measures undertaken. This led to a increase in GHG saving potential in 2016, from 63% to 70%.

Case Study

Helping coffee farmers

In Sumatra, Indonesia, LDC agronomists train farmers on coffee best practice, and support them in adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Local smallholder farmers are encouraged to plant indigenous trees alongside their coffee plants, providing shade and adjusting more easily to rising temperatures.

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