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Committed to Peru

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) is committed to Peru and its development. We first commenced our operations there in 1998 attracted by the potential of the coffee sector. Peru produces quality products and the global demand for these commodities is growing. Our investments in the country exceed US$50 million, and we are working hard to generate added value from the origin to the final production destination.

Activities in Peru

We sell coffee originated by producers in the north and centre of the country and transport it to several destinations, mainly in Europe. Our processing and export capacity makes us one of the country’s top coffee exporters.

We import sugar, corn and wheat, which are distributed locally to mills, pasta factories and manufacturers of soft drinks and sweets. We have processing and logistics assets across Peru in order to provide solutions across the value chain from the origin to destination.

Our main assets

  • Jaén plant is the main coffee asset of LDC in Peru and is located in the northeast. It has a drying capacity of 15 000 tons and 8 000 tons of storage. 
  • La Merced is located in the centre/east of Peru (Chanchamayo). It is a coffee plant with a drying capacity of 2 000 tons and storing capacity of 5 000 tons.
  • Tarapoto plant is located in San Martin in the northeast of the country. This asset dries and stores coffee and has an annual processing capacity of 8 000 tons and 3 000 tons.

Quality standards

All of our assets comply with environmental and safety requirements demanded by the relevant competent organizations. Our products meet international quality standards required by our customers.

Managing risk to match supply with demand

In fulfilling our vital global role, we are faced with various risks including logistical, operational, country, financial and commodity price risk. Our Group’s success is attributed, mainly, to our sophisticated risk management process, which allows us to manage the risks inherent in the complex supply chains that operate from field to end consumer. We seek to mitigate the risks for an optimal outcome. We have also further strengthened our ability to manage the risks by investing in our own farms, processing plants and logistics infrastructure and by working in close partnership with producers all over the world.

16 +

More than 16 years of operations in Peru

16 +

More than 16 years of operations in Peru

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