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Why work for us

LDC's success in India is driven by the same set of corporate values that have guided the Group since its creation in 1851:

  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Diversity
  • Entrepreneurship

We consider it essential for new recruits to make these values their own, whatever their position or function.

LDC India offers a wide range of career opportunities for professionals who are keen to develop their skills in a rewarding and challenging global company:

  • Business Platforms – Our platform teams consist of traders, marketers, researchers, originators and business development experts.
  • Execution – The Execution teams work across platforms, and this means they are able to support any product line. Each role holds a significant responsibility for the successful delivery of contracts.
  • Finance – The Finance & Administration team supports all areas of our business at a country level. Professional areas within Finance include accounting, treasury, credit, tax, insurance and controlling.
  • Human Resources – The HR team serves as an important lever, driving business performance and supporting management via recruitment, organizational development and compensation and reward initiatives.
  • Industry – The Industry team includes managers and operators involved in the operation of our industrial assets. The processing and refining activities which we engage in constitute a key link in the value chain. Our robust base of production and processing assets enable us to control the quality and movement of supplies along the value chain, while their strategic location gives us opportunities to create synergies and maximize distribution flows.
  • Legal – The Legal team provides full scale support to platform day-to-day operations, merger and acquisition projects, litigation, banking practice for merchandizing and projects and contract management systems. It also provides support for joint venture management in terms of corporate governance and post-closure deal management.
  • IT – Our IT team plays a vital role in connecting the different parts of our business at the Group and local level. They support day-to-day activities, projects and business integration.

Our people, our approach

Performance and Leadership

In India, and all around the world, the backbone of an effective workforce that supports business needs is a strong performance and leadership management process. Our leadership model requires that leaders demonstrate their skills and abilities in two areas: leading business and leading people. Our global, standardized performance management program that facilitates the reward and growth of our staff is also an important tool used within LDC India.

Talent Management

One of the challenges of a successful organization is to effectively attract and retain the best people. Even as we seek external candidates for positions within the country, we also aim to motivate and reward high performing employees beyond mere compensation, through internal promotion within their professional areas, lateral growth and international mobility.

An effective talent management program speeds up value creation in key positions. It is the process and mindset by which we identify high potential employees and invest in their accelerated development, with the ultimate goal of retaining them and positively impacting business results.

Learning and Development

LDC India promotes ongoing learning - both formal and informal - throughout an employee’s career. We also benefit from global best practices and corporate programs managed by our HR function in collaboration with business platforms.


LDC India employs over 500 people in the country.


LDC India employs over 500 people in the country.

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