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Our Platforms

In India, we are active in in five platforms, and we work closely with Indian farmers and suppliers to originate, process and deliver their products, meeting our customers' requirements in domestic and international markets.

  • Coffee
  • Cotton
  • Grains
  • Oilseeds
  • Sugar

What we do in India

  • Coffee – LDC India manages an integrated coffee supply business, from farms to export destinations. We originate, process, store and ship coffee and coffee seeds all over the world. Our local asset network includes a coffee processing mill in Kushalnagar and a global research center for coffee, which supports the dissemination of sustainable agricultural practices to Vietnamese and Indonesian farmers, and helps them achieve 4C and UTZ certification.
  • Grains – We are involved in the trade flows of wheat and corn, merchandizing them in domestic and international markets.
  • Cotton – We aggregate and merchandize cotton for local and international markets.
  • Oilseeds – We merchandize oilseeds and oils, and operate one edible oil refinery.
  • Sugar – We are an active player in sugar merchandizing, and help to address the supply and demand imbalances in the country through our involvement in international trade.

A growing business for more than 20 years

  • LDC India was established in 1997, growing from a research center to a leading agri-commodities player with 6 platforms in the country.
  • We operate 2 key assets in the country – 1 oil refinery in Kandla and a coffee processing facility in Kushalnagar.
  • We continue to pursue the strategic expansion of our business platforms and asset footprint, in order to bring greater value to all our stakeholders.

Over 500 employees

  • We employ more than 500 people across our commercial offices, processing assets and shared service center in India.

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