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Regional Highlights

Asia is the fastest growing and evolving market for commodities in the world.

7 of our 8 platforms operate in the South & Southeast Asia Region.

We have over 10 offices across 7 countries – Singapore, Indonesia, India, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Pakistan.

We employ over 1,000 people in the Region.

As our originating and processing functions grow, we are investing in more strategically located logistic assets.

About South & Southeast Asia

Growing middle-class populations and urbanization are creating a change in consumption habits in South & Southeast Asia. There is an increasing demand for meat, foodstuffs, textiles and consumer goods. This impacts the need for many products that Louis Dreyfus Company originates and merchandizes.

Strong global demand for edible oils, soaps and biofuels is driving our palm oil business in the region. Rising coffee and dairy consumption across Asia is fueling demand for output from our processing facilities, notably in Australia, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

Our strengths in this region

We are a significant buyer and exporter of grain and cotton in Australia, and an active participant in the trading of cotton, grains, oilseeds and sugar in India. We source, process, store and merchandize coffee in major producing countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia and India, and contribute to the sustainable development of coffee farming in these markets. Our distribution and import activities in the region include grains, sugar, oilseeds and cotton.
We are responding to rapidly developing flows between Asian countries, as well as exports to other global locations, especially in palm oil, where we maintain a strong origination and/or processing presence in key markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

We have been developing our origination, processing and logistic capabilities in the region with a number of major investments in recent years. This includes pioneering joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions in the Oilseeds, Palm, Grains, Sugar and Coffee platforms.

Our assets in South & Southeast Asia include:

  • 2 coffee processing facilities in Vietnam
  • 1 rice mill in Vietnam
  • 3 cotton gins in Australia
  • 2 grains storage facilities in Australia
  • 1 oil refineries in India
  • 1 coffee mill in India
  • 2 oil refineries in Indonesia
  • 1 biodiesel plant in Indonesia
  • 1 port in Indonesia
  • 2 coffee warehouses in Indonesia

*LDC also has a non-controlling stake in a dairy processing plant in Australia (UDC).

Growth in the South & Southeast Asia Region has been driven by these investments, as well as our deep understanding of the unique complexities inherent to each country.

Where we

  • Australia,
  • India,
  • Indonesia,
  • Pakistan,
  • Singapore,
  • Vietnam,
  • Malaysia

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