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Regional Highlights

South & West Latin America is the source of a significant proportion of the world's grain and soybeans.

We have operated in the region for over 100 years, growing our presence to 7 platforms across 7 countries.

Our main offices are in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Montevideo, Asunción, Lima, México D.F., San Pedro Sula, and Bogotá.

We employ more than 1900 people in the region.

About South & West Latin America

Together with Brazil, the South & West Latin American region constitutes one of the world’s largest agricultural frontiers.

The Region produces a substantial portion of the grain and oilseeds we merchandized in international markets thanks to the efficiency of the soybean processing facilities and their proximity to production and logistic facilities.

The Region also operates coffee processing facilities.

Our strengths in this Region

Louis Dreyfus Company has been present in South & West Latin America since the end of the nineteenth century, when it started conducting business out of Argentina. Since then we have increased our presence substantially with a number of significant investments in the Region.

We own 4 oilseed crushing plants: 2 in Argentina and 2 in Paraguay. We also have 8 coffee plants, 3 port facilities, 4 barge convoys and 14 warehouses (5 in Argentina, 4 in Paraguay, 3 in Uruguay, 1 in Peru and 1 in Mexico).

We have recently expanded our Bahia Blanca port facility in Argentina. We have also extended our presence across the soybean value chain by launching a lecithin plant in General Lagos, Argentina. 

Since entering the rice business in Argentina in 2009 we have continued to diversify our activities there. We’ve since carved a strong position in the fertilizers and seeds markets. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for farmers.

Where we

  • Argentina,
  • Colombia,
  • Honduras,
  • Mexico,
  • Paraguay,
  • Peru,
  • Uruguay

Our Platforms
in the region

Sustainability story

Biodiesel production

Louis Dreyfus Company in Argentina is certified for sustainable soybean production

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Since 2011, our General Lagos plant in Argentina has been certified for sustainable soybean production. Certification has enabled an increasing supply of biodiesel to customers who put sustainability at the center of their purchasing decisions. Initially certified under the French scheme, 2BSvs, the plant is now working towards certification under the CARBIO Sustainability Certification Scheme (CSCS). This is a scheme developed in Argentina to ensure compliance with European Union and US standards for sustainable soybean biodiesel production. CSCS covers all of the soybean biodiesel production chain, from soybean production to biodiesel factories and transportation. While certification has opened up new opportunities with customers, it has also helped the plant deliver in five other areas: agricultural good practice, environmental responsibility, community relationships, legal compliance and good business practice.

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