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Regional Highlights

This Region is now focused exclusively on Brazil, where we have 2 main offices.

Brazil is a leading producer and exporter of coffee, orange juice, soybeans and sugar.

Our network includes 17 processing plants and 44 logistic assets.

We are positioned among the top players for oilseeds crushing, grain exports and citrus processing.

About North Latin America

This region contains some of the world’s most fertile agricultural zones and its high productivity, low production costs and land availability make it an essential part of the global agricultural market.

Brazil is the leading producer and exporter of sugar, orange juice and coffee and the country is expected to maintain first position as farming increases and technology improves productivity.

Our strengths in this Region

We are active in all the major agri-commodities supplied by Brazil and have significant operations and assets in this country. We own 5 oilseed crushing plants, 5 industrial orange processing plants, 8 port and river terminals, 36 warehouses and 3 coffee processing facilities.

Biosev, Louis Dreyfus Company's sister company and sugarcane milling business, which according to our estimates is the largest pure player in the world (i.e., among entities concentrating solely on sugarcane processing), and the second largest sugarcane processor in the world in terms of capacity. Biosev operates 330 000 hectares of sugarcane plantations in Brazil and has an annual production capacity of 2.8 MMT of sugar and 1.8 MMT of ethanol. Biosev also operates a sugar port terminal in Guaruja, together with a partner.

The sheer scale of our operations is a major benefit to our farmers, partners and customers. The close relationships we have here are supported by our strategically located assets, logistic operations, trading capabilities and risk management strategies.

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