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Regional Highlights

Active in China through 4 main offices, strategically located in Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang, and Kunming.

China is among the largest soybean and cotton importers in the world, and a key destination market for many of our commodity flows.

Our asset network is comprised of 5 processing plants for oilseeds, sugar, and juice.

We are recognized as a major agricultural player in China, particularly in oilseeds crushing, domestic grains trading, and cotton merchandizing.

About North Asia

The North Asia region plays a pivotal role in agricultural trade worldwide, accounting for approximately 30 percent of agricultural imports.

China is the world’s most populous nation, with a population of over 1 billion people, and a major importer of agricultural products. While bulk commodities such as soybeans and cotton remain predominant in China’s agricultural imports, urbanization, changing consumer preferences, and increased purchasing power have broadened the scope of these imports. As a result, demand for consumer-oriented products like meat and coffee is growing rapidly in the Chinese market.

Our strengths in this region

Louis Dreyfus Company has been at the forefront of global trade with China since our first cotton trade in 1973. In 2005, we became the first foreign merchandizing company to buy and sell agricultural products in the country. Today, we are present across the value chain, with offices and fixed assets throughout the Region. We merchandize a wide range of commodities in nearly every province in China, and employ close to 1000 people.

Our industrial footprint continues to grow as we seek to invest in assets that deliver products to meet the growing needs of our customers. We currently operate three oilseeds crushing plants – in Hebei province in North China, the Yangtze River area in East China and the Pearl Delta region in South China; an apple juice crushing plant in the heart of the apple-growing region, Shaanxi province, as well as a sugar refinery in Fujian province.

Combining our international origination capabilities with those in China, we provide tailored supply chain solutions to our customers to ensure quality and provide risk management.

Last but not least, we are active in all domestic commodity exchanges in China and are members of the Dalian Commodity Exchange and the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. Given our long trading history and well-recognized risk management philosophy, we often contribute insights at industry discussions to promote the development of the Chinese agricultural sector.

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