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Regional Highlights

We have 4 main offices, 1 in Canada and 3 in the US.

Our network consists of strategically located, state-of-the-art assets.

We are a top exporter of cotton from the region.

We are among the top exporters of wheat, soybeans and corn.

We are now one of the largest sugar refiners and distributors in the US having integrated Imperial Sugar's operations into the Group.

About North America

The US is the world’s leading exporter of wheat, corn, oilseeds and cotton. It is also a dynamic and essential domestic market for agricultural commodities.

Structural changes in protein demand are taking place, with China buying significant quantities of US grains and oilseeds. A growing Asian demand for commodities is also resulting in increased sales of US cotton to China.

Our strengths in this Region

North America is a highly developed and integrated region for Louis Dreyfus Company. We have strong origination, processing and logistic capabilities ensuring our presence across the value chain.

These capabilities support the Group’s presence as a market leader in all of the commodities for which we have major platforms operating in the region.

Over recent years we have broadened our portfolio of commodities by producing and marketing refined sugar, ethanol, biodiesel and refined canola oil.

Our processing facilities include 2 oilseeds crushing plants (Claypool, Indiana, US and Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada), 2 corn ethanol plants in the Midwest US (Norfolk, Nebraska and Grand Junction, Iowa), and 2 sugar processing plants (Ludlow, Kentucky and Port Wentworth, Georgia, US).

Our origination and logistic capabilities include 43 assets across the US and Canada.

We are developing more interior origination assets and partnerships in our Grains and Oilseeds Platforms, to propel exports from our export facilities.

Our recent acquisition of sugar refining and packaging assets expands our retail footprint and is a natural complement to our Coffee business.

Where we

  • Canada,
  • United States

Our Platforms
in the region

Sustainability story

California’s lower carbon fuel standard

In 2011 our ethanol plants achieved compliance with California’s Lower Carbon Fuel Standard

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California’s Lower Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) was created to achieve a 10% reduction in the carbon intensity of California’s transportation fuels by 2020. Our ethanol plants worked towards compliance with the standard in 2011 by voluntarily completing the LCFS audit process, quantifying carbon output and identifying opportunities to reduce emissions. Through the commitment of plant workers, mangers and traders, carbon emissions at our ethanol plants were lowered and compliance was achieved. Compliance is defined by carbon credits equaling deficits.

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