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As a signatory, Louis Dreyfus Commodities is committed to, among others, aligning its and its subsidiaries operations and strategies with the following principles that are relevant to the Act: (1) support and respect of the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; (2) ensuring that Louis Dreyfus Commodities is not complicit in human rights abuses; (3) the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour; and (4) the effective abolition of child labour.

Louis Dreyfus Commodities is required to annually update the UN on its progress on these and other principles, which update can be found on the Global Compact website: www.unglobalcompact.org.

Louis Dreyfus Commodities is subject to annual audits conducted by specific clients that include certain human rights criteria. These audits are now part of a pro-active corporate approach to the observation and promotion of human rights.  Louis Dreyfus Commodities’ Code of Conduct covers a multitude of labour-related issues including (but not limited to) the strong condemnation of child or forced labour and pro-active application of UN recommendations in this respect.

During the course of its first year of membership of the Global Compact, Louis Dreyfus Commodities introduced a Sustainability Policy that also addressed certain labour issues. Specifically, Louis Dreyfus Commodities targets to ensure that it and its partners are not involved in any activity involving forced, compulsory or child labour.

Through the Louis Dreyfus Commodities' Code of Conduct, distributed to all employees of the Louis Dreyfus Commodities Group, as well as global communication of its Sustainability Policy, Louis Dreyfus Commodities managed to effectively communicate its corporate goals to all staff on the subjects of child and forced labour.

During 2010, Louis Dreyfus Commodities also wrote to several trade associations for many of the commodities in which Louis Dreyfus Commodities trades, including: the International Cotton Association (ICA), the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA), and the Sugar Association of London (SAL), requesting that they incorporate a Human Rights clause into their standard terms and conditions. Louis Dreyfus Commodities continues to engage with these associations and their members on the adoption of this clause.

Louis Dreyfus Commodities’ Sustainability Policy also requires that any breaches of policy must be reported to the Global Sustainability Manager, the Global SHE Manager, as well as the Global Head of Compliance and Internal Audit.  Any such incidents will also be reported by the Global Sustainability Manager to the Louis Dreyfus Commodities Sustainability Committee on a quarterly basis.

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