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Sugar highlights

We are one of the top 5 sugar merchandizers worldwide, originating and marketing both raw and white sugar.

We consolidated our position through the acquisition of Imperial Sugar, a leading US sugar refiner, and its brands (Imperial Sugar, Dixie Crystals, Holly, etc.).

Our facilities include 3 process assets in China & the US, and a storage site in Russia.

About sugar

Sugar is a caloric concentrated commodity produced from sugarcane or sugar beets. Sugarcane grows best in tropical areas, as it demands large quantities of sunshine and water, whereas sugar beet is produced in temperate zones.

Once harvested, cane or beet is crushed to extract juice that can be utilized to produce sugar and ethanol. In the case of sugarcane, the remaining vegetable matter (bagasse) can be burned to produce energy to run the plant and supply the local grid.

To produce sugar, the extracted juice is purified and the mixture is then dehydrated and thickened into syrup, which is crystallized. The crystals are separated from the remaining liquid to produce molasses and raw sugar, which is then sent to refineries for further processing. As with other commodities, raw sugar is typically processed in growing areas and exported from there.

South America and Asia dominate sugar exports. Brazil is by far the largest potential producer and exporter, but might choose to maximize ethanol production under low sugar prices adding a high degree of flexibility to global supply. The largest importers are China, Indonesia, the Middle East, the Black Sea region and Africa.

India and the EU are both large producers and consumers. Their swings from net exporters to net importers depend on local production conditions and have a significant influence on the world market.

Our strengths in sugar

Our Sugar Platform is a global merchant, marketer and transporter of raw and white sugar to key destination markets worldwide.

We originate sugar mainly from Brazil, Thailand and Central America, and distribute principally to the Black Sea region, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North and East Africa.

Known as one of the most reliable sources of market intelligence thanks to our strong fundamental research on trade flows and our futures market analysis, our insights have helped us to deepen relationships with customers in key consumption markets and increase our volumes significantly.

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