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Rice highlights

We are a world leader in rice merchandizing.

We supply paddy, brown and milled rice, mainly from Asia and South America.

We are one of the leading rice distributors in Africa by volume.

About rice

Rice is the most important staple food for a large part of the world’s population, providing more than one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by people. Most rice is consumed as white rice (husked and polished), however rice flour is becoming popular with bakers as a gluten-free starch alternative. Some milling by-products include bran, oil and starch.

Thailand, India and Vietnam are the top three exporters, followed by the US, Pakistan, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Myanmar. Africa accounts for approximately one third of global demand.

Our strengths in rice

Our highly experienced and diverse team, and our leading market research, are the foundation of our leading position in rice. Moreover, we are committed to industry best practices and apply strong risk management to rice origination, trading, sales and distribution.

An extensive global network allows us to meet increasing demand driven by steep population growth and urbanization. We continue to expand our activities in Africa to consolidate our position as a leading supplier in the region.

Leveraging the Group’s ocean freight capabilities, the Rice Platform serves a growing global market with competitively priced, quality products.

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