2018 marked 30 years in the juice business for LDC – but this was not our only reason to celebrate. We also registered significant progress in certification, reinforced our involvement with local communities, continued our training and development programs and continued to invest in safety, health and environment (SHE). Our fifth Juice Sustainability Report highlights our efforts and results, while showing our continuous commitment to serve our customers safely, responsibly and reliably.

LDC celebrated 30 years in the juice business

80% of LDC Juice farms now certified by the Rainforest Alliance

Blockchain project with partners provided 100% transparency to bottled juice end consumers in the Netherlands

65% of LDC Juice farms validated as SAI Platform Gold Grade

LDC’s new Conduct Manual for raw material suppliers distributed to all third-party fruit suppliers

LDC is recognized by Fundação Abrinq as a child-friendly company, for its 20-year partnership with Alfredo Naime School


reduction in the accident frequency index since 2014


reduction in the accident gravity index since 2014


reduction in the accident severity index since 2014


We employ thousands of people at peak season, all on our payroll, regardless of their contract type. Only with them can we fulfill our purpose to create fair and sustainable value. Responsibility for their safety and wellbeing is therefore something we take very seriously, investing continuously to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

Fair treatment for all

Providing fair remuneration and benefits that often go beyond laws and regulations.

Health campaigns

Awareness activities on health topics, vaccination campaigns and training for medical teams at our sites.

Committed to Zero

Investing in safety equipment and training, to drive toward zero accidents and incidents at LDC.

Professional growth

More than 1,600 training sessions held in 2018, to develop our teams.


farms with conservation areas mapped


reduction in paper consumption at main offices


Looking after the environment across the value chain is a top priority. Our production processes are inherently sustainable in that no part of the fruit is wasted during juice production. Beyond this, we continuously monitor our environmental footprint and set ambitious targets to reduce our impact across key indicators.

Responsible agriculture

Applying best practices to ensure rational use of crop protection products.

Conservation in action

Following rigorous conservation plans to preserve biodiversity and protect wildlife and native vegetation.

Green Office

Initiative to reduce LDC’s environmental impact across our offices.

Reducing waste

Taking action to reduce waste in our industrial activities, particularly through recycling efforts.


years of partnership with Alfredo Naime School


children participated in our environmental education program


As a global leader in our industry, we believe that playing an active role in the local communities close to our operations and assets is part of our responsibility as a sustainable company. We therefore recognize and embrace our social responsibilities wherever we operate.

Environmental awareness

Practical activities, educational booklets and farm visits to raise environmental awareness among children from local schools.

Supporting local charities

Donating clothes, blankets, toys, personal hygiene products and other items to various institutions, collected among LDC employees.

Looking after new generations

Ongoing partnership with a local school to enlarge its curriculum and provide extracurricular activities.

Partnering with the Louis Dreyfus Foundation

LDC employees propose and volunteer in 4 joint projects with the Foundation, supporting local communities in Brazil.


farms now validated as SAI Platform Gold Grade


farms now certified by the Rainforest Alliance


Working collaboratively allows us to find shared solutions to common problems facing our industry. Our continued progress on partnerships and certification is an important part of our effort to drive sustainable practices in our own activities and beyond.

Technology for traceability

Teaming up with customers, we made the orange juice supply chain fully transparent to consumers in the Netherlands, from farm to supermarket shelf, using blockchain.

Conduct Manual

Our new Conduct Manual for raw material suppliers sets out guidelines on employment practices, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and business ethics.

Ethical data exchange

Committed to adopting the new SMETA 6.0 audit requirements on responsible recruitment and universal and human rights.


Substantial progress meeting the strict sustainable agriculture criteria of expert certification entities, in particular the Rainforest Alliance and Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform).

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