We develop solutions for a global breadbasket, handling agricultural goods from farm to dining table, from where they are grown to our customers' doorstep. This may sound simple, but the reality involves a complex supply chain, in which our people and partners play a vital role in ensuring a smooth journey for our products.


We share our expertise with farmers and producers worldwide, be it through partnerships or our own farms. Our commitment is to invest in a long-term origination network, to guarantee high quality service to customers.


Relationships of trust…

Our trusted suppliers grow our crops with care.



… built over time…

Some of them have been working with us for over half a century.


… for our mutual benefit

Together, we are best positioned to deliver the finest quality raw materials.


Once harvested, crops are brought to our assets for the next stage in their journey, in which they are processed and refined ethically and sustainably, coming one step closer to the consumer.


We draw from nature…

Oranges are squeezed, cotton is ginned.


… and apply our expertise…

Coffee beans are dried, washed and roasted.


… to deliver the best quality products

Grains are threshed and cleaned, oilseeds are crushed… 


Our optimized network of silos, warehouses, transloading facilities and ports allows us to control costs and mitigate risk throughout the process.



Warehouses and silos store the processed products until they’re ready to be transported.


… set…

State-of-the-art assets guarantee optimum conditions and reliable supply.


… go!

Trucks, trains, barges or ships transport millions of tons of products each year to a range of customers around the world.


All platforms and regions rely on our market knowledge to ensure responsive supply.


Our legacy makes us different

We have more than 165 years of industry-specific development expertise.


Our dedication is unmatched

Our teams research every aspect of the products in our value chain. 


Our know-how is our greatest strength

From environmental conditions and weather to economic developments and consumption trends, we share unrivaled market knowledge across our businesses.


We supply products to a range of customers, from large multinationals to local manufacturers.


After they complete their journey with us…

Packaged frozen orange juice, coffee, sugar, rice and vegetable oil are all part of our diversified portfolio.


… our products are ready to be transformed…

At the end of the chain, they’re set to be toasted, roasted, blended, pressed, kneaded, spun, woven and more.


… into the staples you know so well

Our products are the basic building blocks of all the goods consumed daily, bringing you sustenance and comfort.

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