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Our code of conduct

We believe the Group’s success depends on our ability to remain aligned with our long-held ethical standards. Our employees are continually exposed to diverse situations, legislations, and cultural environments. We will expand our global footprint with strength from our integrity, and never at the price of compromising it. Our values and our employees’ behavior are a key part of what we bring to our commercial and financial partners.

Key elements of our code of conduct

Employees and selected partners are required to comply with our Group Code of Conduct. These are its key elements:

  • Employees and people working on our premises should operate in a safe and non-discriminatory work environment.
  • Employees are expected to behave professionally and in accordance with the law, including not giving or receiving, directly or through a third party, inappropriate pecuniary or other benefits.
  • Gifts and entertainment should be of modest value and aligned to local laws and business practices.
  • Employees should not engage in actions which can create a conflict of interest with their roles in the Group.
  • We are committed to the environment and the communities we operate in
  • Due care must be taken of any confidential information.
  • Company representation is restricted to employees authorized to do so by law or by delegation.
  • It is mandatory to always follow laws and regulations and maintain financial records accordingly.

Code of Conduct concerns can be disclosed confidentially to a dedicated email address: [email protected].

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