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Together, our Compliance and Risk functions, comprise 100 professionals. They’re focused on ensuring all employees abide by the same limits and standards established and communicated by the Group’s Board and Management.

The Compliance and Risk functions have grown as the size and geographical reach of our activities has expanded and regulatory requirements have increased. We’ve created specialized departments within these functions and made training on compliance and risk issues a top priority. We’ve also strengthened the governance structures that determine how compliance and risk issues are managed.

Defining our approach

The emphasis we place on compliance and risk is captured by the four principles that define our approach:

1. Compliance and Risk Management is a primary management tool

It sits at the center of our management structure and is supervised by two senior committees.

2. The Compliance and Risk functions are globally integrated and balanced structures

Both are supervised centrally by the Global Head of Compliance & Internal Audit and the Global Head of Risk,  and administered by a network of dedicated functional and regional specialists.

3. Compliance and Risk procedures are clear, prudent and enforced

All risk exposures are assessed, monitored and controlled on a daily basis. Clear authority delegation structures are in place and allow optimal deployment of risk capital, decided at Group level.

Compliance policies are widely communicated internally, as well as during trainings and e-learnings. They are monitored by a dedicated team.

4. Our in-house risk systems are a key competitive advantage, designed to support our risk officers

Significant effort and capital is invested in the development of risk systems, while at the same time we make sure risk officers remain ultimately the core of the structure.

Our governance structure

Our two principle committees addressing compliance and risk issues are the Risk Committee and the Compliance & Internal Audit Committee.

The Risk Committee ensures all risks – market, credit, physical, financial etc.– are identified, limited, monitored and controlled at all levels of our organization. Two sub-committees ensure that risk is monitored from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives.

The Compliance & Internal Audit Committee is responsible for: Regulatory, Trade Practice, and Trade Sanctions compliance, as well as Sustainability, Operational Risk and Internal Audit.

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