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Total Balance Sheet

US$ 18.4 billion


US$ 5,034 million

Net Sales

US$ $36.5 billion

Segment Operating Results

US$ 1,330 million

Net income

US$ 357 million

In a year characterized by challenging market conditions for the products commercialized by the Group, Segment Operating Results rose 25.8% to US$1,330 million in 2018, up from US$1,057 million one year earlier. Within this context, the Group captured improved margins thanks to its active risk management and globally diversified geographic footprint.

In 2018, capital expenditure was mainly directed toward industrial assets in China, the expansion of logistics assets in the Black Sea and South America and new food innovation investments. LDC also continued to invest in further Safety, Health and Environment improvements for its processing assets, as part of its “Committed to Zero” drive for incident prevention. At the same time, the Group successfully completed the sale of its Australian fertilizers and inputs activities and its global metals business, rationalizing the size of its balance sheet by doing so.

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