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We have a long history of success. 

Ours is a long-term success story. With more than 165 years of experience, Louis Dreyfus Company now helps feed and clothe up to 500 million people, originating, processing, and transporting approximately 80 million tons of products around the world annually. Our strong demonstrates our ability to deliver continued growth and profitability while investing for the long-term. The Group is well-positioned to take advantage of underlying industry trends and opportunities, and aims to maintain our competitive edge and positive results through effective risk mitigation, diversification, and selective investments.

We are a multi-national company that thinks like an entrepreneur.

Our growth has resulted from a lean organization and flexible business model. We reward people who show initiative and creativity, and who demonstrate the energy to continually drive business forward. Even though we are a multi-national organization, we are still agile enough to make quick decisions and act on opportunities when they arise.

Want to see the world? You can do that here.

The scale and reach of our operations opens many opportunities for motivated people. You can have the opportunity to be immersed in different cultures, working environments, and careers. Our organization, comprised of more than 90 nationalities, is truly a multicultural company with activities in over 100 countries.

You will have a hand in feeding the world.

Our mission is to bring the right product to the right location at the right time, using our know-how and global reach. Each year we transport around 80 million tons of products, which helps surplus production areas to market their products in geographies that are not self-sufficient. We partner with farmers and support them with funding, liaise with governments to establish food security programs, and cooperate with many different public organizations to improve methods for sustainable and effective agri-production.

You will be rewarded for your contributions.

Our employee culture is centered around challenge, accountability, rewards, and opportunity. We equip our employees with the tools and opportunities they need to develop to their fullest potential. Our global performance management program facilitates the rewards and growth of individuals and helps guarantee the sustainability of our organization and business plan. We identify our most talented people and invest in their accelerated development.

You own a piece of the company.

We offer an equity plan as part of your compensation package that is designed to motivate and retain those who have demonstrated consistent positive impacts to the business and its growth. An impressive portion of our professional population is represented in this group, which owns approximately 10% of the company. The plan helps to ensure that objectives of key people are aligned with the success of the Group.

You will make a difference.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities around the world, developing programs and initiatives that meet a broad variety of needs. We know it is essential to respect and fully engage with these communities to ensure their well-being as well as the growth and longevity of our operations.

You will get to know and learn from a wide variety of people.

With 90 nationalities represented across this business, we bring a diverse set of thinking and experiences together and can generate original ideas to address global challenges. We welcome and respect individual ideas, which motivates employees to come forward in every part of the business to share their thoughts on how we can increase our success.


More than 90 nationalities represent our multicultural diversity


More than 90 nationalities represent our multicultural diversity

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