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About IT

The mission of our IT team is to build world-class IT systems, while efficiently supporting the everyday needs of our employees. To do so, our IT employees develop technology strategies in line with the business and source the best technology suiting those strategies.

To fulfill their mission, our IT department is organized around Global Competency Centers: teams with expertise on a system or an IT key topic gathered in one or several locations.

The significant number of IT projects taking place, combined with the stated mission and IT structure, generates exciting opportunities for our IT employees. Through involvement in a new project or by moving to a different part of our business, they can experience alternative technology, new systems, and understand more about how our business fits together.

Areas of opportunity

  • Assessing IT requirements and planning upgrades that will meet business needs, improve operations and enhance competitive advantage.
  • Implementing changes and updates to our hardware, software, network, databases and security.
  • Ensuring technology downtime is minimized.
  • Responding to IT support requests.
  • Directing IT budgets and managing IT expenditures.
  • Managing IT teams and coordinating their activities with business operations.
  • Leading response teams in crisis situations.
  • Integrating new businesses into our Group from a technology perspective.
  • Auditing IT systems to assess capabilities, security and performance.
  • Building relationships with technology suppliers and maintaining knowledge of available equipment and software.
  • Long-term planning to ensure our business takes advantage of technology developments.

Is this the career for you?

  • You bring an in-depth knowledge of the network, hardware, or software you manage.
  • You have experience with a large enterprise and multiple network users.
  • You are skilled at project management and effective at engaging all necessary people in IT programs, their implications, timescales, and objectives.
  • You have good insight into our business and how business goals translate into IT needs and services.
  • You are capable of anticipating IT needs.
  • You are effective at managing crisis situations when they occur.
  • You demonstrate absolute attention to detail in everything you do.

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