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About the execution teams

Execution is allowing the Group to capture the full value of trades, thus being a natural extension of trading.

The Execution teams work cross-platform, which means they are able to support any product line. Roles include Manager of Execution, Execution Officer, and Execution Coordinator, with each level of employee holding significant responsibility for successful delivery of contracts.

Areas of opportunity

  • Handling financial transactions with trade counterparties and logistics providers.
  • Managing Letters of Credit for purchases and sales.
  • Tracking trade documentation and coordinating the financing of trade flows.
  • Confirming monthly derivative averaging requirements for hedging, assay exchanges and pricing declarations.
  • Following exposures for stock and pricing purposes, and reconciling weights and payable contents throughout trades.
  • Updating our risk systems on a daily basis with information relating to quantities, pricing, quality, shipments and invoices in accordance with contracts.

Is this the career for you?

  • You have previous experience in a logistics, accounting, cargo or administrative department.
  • You are an effective communicator with internal clients and third-parties.
  • You possess good analytical skills.
  • You are highly organized and adept at multi-tasking.
  • You are capable of maintaining excellent attention to detail across every activity concurrently.
  • You are self-motivated to get things right every time.
  • You have an awareness of how your tasks fit into the achievements of the team.

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