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Step 1 – Search & submit

Search for Global Graduate Program vacancies and submit your CV on our global website, or visit our country specific websites for Brazil, Argentina or Australia. We will then be able to review your educational background, including the university you attended, the subjects you studied, and the results you achieved. CVs that do not meet our minimum requirements will not be retained. More information about these requirements can be found in the "Do you have what it takes?" section.

Important: Our graduate vacancies are available online for just a few weeks at a time. If you are interested in applying for a graduate position, we recommend that you regularly check the site for new postings.


Step 2 – Online test

If you are successful in Step 1, you may be invited to participate in an online test. We use this process to further screen candidates and determine if they will progress to the next stage. Our online tests assess English language competency, quantitative reasoning, theoretical deduction, and problem solving. The tests can also include questions that specifically relate to the professional area a candidate wants to pursue a career in, for example Finance or IT. A final aspect of the online test could be a psychometric assessment, where the questions are designed to determine a candidate’s significant drivers.


Step 3 – Telephone interview

Telephone interviews ensue after a successful application and online assessment. The aim is for us to acquire an initial impression of the candidate, and again to determine whether he or she meets our common and specific criteria.


Step 4 – Group assessment

Group assessments may also form part of the graduate recruitment process. These are used in the final stages of screening and are conducted by Human Resources and Business Managers. Activities can include self-presentation, written or verbal language tests, technical tests, group dynamics exercises, business case analysis, role plays, project management, and SWOT analysis.


Step 5 – Interviews

Interviews are the final step in the recruitment process and can be conducted in two stages. The first is with an initial assessor, such as a function head or Human Resources recruiter. This is a very structured interview to give all candidates an equal opportunity. Questions are competency based, but we also assess a candidate’s interpersonal skills and their potential affinity with our values and culture.


Step 6 – Selection

At the end of the recruitment process, evaluators prepare assessment reports to inform final decision-making regarding the candidates most suitable for our programs. The Selection Committee Group makes a final decision based on the evaluations, feedback and open vacancies. Both successful and unsuccessful candidates are informed of decisions.


Our Human Resources Information System supports performance management across the globe


Our Human Resources Information System supports performance management across the globe

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