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As a responsible global citizen, we seek to minimize any negative impact of our operational footprint through sustainable practices in our businesses and industrial operations.

Developing sustainable practices is one of Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC) core commitments. This is critical not only to the future of our Group, but also for the benefit of future generations.

In 2010 we signed the UN Global Compact affirming our aim to align our operations and strategy with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Through our Corporate Code of Conduct we set high standards for our sustainability practices and promote relations with providers, customers, business partners, and sub-contractors who share the same values. They in turn are setting sustainability objectives and placing greater expectations on us.

We strive to meet these expectations because we believe operating sustainably is the right thing to do for both our business and our families, and that it strengthens the foundation upon which we do business together. We have categorized our sustainability activities into four pillars as part of an overall program that allows us to support, coordinate, and communicate our current and future initiatives: People, Environment, Partners, and Community. Initiatives are underway in each of these areas.


We invest in the safety and development of our employees, and promote a discrimination-free environment. We are vehemently opposed to child labor practices and forced labor at any point in our value chain.


We work hard to mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment by adopting best practices that support conservation and environmental management. We also seek to enhance biodiversity.


We build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with the communities where we operate. Together, we develop programs and initiatives that support their communities’ needs and help address regional and global priorities.


We firmly believe that engaging with our business partners on sustainability issues is vital for our continued growth and for the health of the planet. From non-governmental organizations to farmers, LDC has connected with a range of multi-stakeholder groups to tackle pressing sustainability issues across the globe.

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