Our story begins

Our story begins with Léopold Louis-Dreyfus, a determined
16-year old who laid the foundations for our global business. Léopold named his company after his father and understood early on that the business would fill a great human and economic need. His entrepreneurial spirit remains a source of inspiration for the company to this day.



The next generation takes the reigns

By the time of his death in 1915, Léopold has received multiple honors, including Commander of the Légion d’Honneur (1912) in France, Commander of the Royal Russian Order (1905) and Grand Officer of the Romanian Crown (1914). The second generation of the business, with Charles and Louis at the helm, expands our activities further afield, to the Americas, and beyond.



Unprecedented expansion

We grow stronger in the decades following the end of
World War II. Building on Léopold’s legacy, the Group seizes opportunities to diversify the business, guided by a new generation of Louis-Dreyfus leaders. They expand operations to a new scale, laying the foundations for our long-term future.



The rise of a new visionary

Building on the growth and success achieved under Gérard, Léopold’s great-grandson, Robert Louis-Dreyfus begins to write a new page in the company’s history. His advice to employees remains relevant in today’s complex times:
“Look, learn, and then grow.”   



The next chapter

The company begins forging a new way forward with renewed focus on sustainability and building strong relationships based on trust, inspired by our past as we march towards the future.


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