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Committed to Colombia

LDC is committed to Colombia and to playing its part in the country’s development. Attracted by the possibilities and potential of Colombia’s coffee sector, we set up our local operations in 2007. Three years later, the Group ventured into the local vegetable oil business.

Global demand continues to grow for the high-quality commodities produced in Colombia. To date, we have invested more than US$5 million in the country. And from the products’ source to their final destination, our team works tirelessly to add value to the local industry and to our customers.

Activities in Colombia

As well as selling corn and wheat to local mills and pasta factories we sell coffee from Colombia’s top producers, and export it to many destinations – mainly the US, Europe, and Asia.

Our processing and logistics capacity makes us one of Colombia’s leading coffee exporters. To support and maintain this position, our assets across Colombia provide logistic solutions across the value chain.

Our main assets

We have recently broadened our purchasing spectrum, consolidating buying stations throughout the country to facilitate direct access for suppliers in rural areas. The Group also relies heavily on one main milling plant - San Antonio.

At the heart of the country’s Coffee Belt, the San Antonio Milling Plant was LDC’s first asset in Colombia. It has a processing capacity of 30,000 bags of 70 kg per month. Today, its productive capacity and facilities make it a local industry landmark.

Quality standards

LDC’s products meet the international quality standards expected by our customers, and all our assets comply with the environmental and safety requirements set by local authorities and other relevant organizations.

Managing risk to match supply with demand

In fulfilling our global role, we are faced with logistical, operational, financial, and country specific risks, as well as fluctuating commodity prices.

Our sophisticated risk management process is a major factor in our success.  It allows us to manage the inherent risks in the complex supply chains that operate from product source to the end consumer. We work to mitigate these risks to ensure an optimal outcome.

As a global player in the commodities business, we are well positioned to strengthen our ability to manage risk. We do this by investing in our own processing plants and logistics infrastructure, and by working in close partnership with producers all over the world.

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