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Why work for us

Our people are our most important asset – they are critical to our success. China is the fastest growing and changing commodities market in the world. As we grow and face new challenges, we need to attract and retain the best talent, and invest in our people to help us adapt to dynamic markets and to maintain our sector leader position.

We seek to compensate well for hard work and offer a competitive compensation package that grows with our employees throughout their career. We also encourage a work-life balance and offer various training programs to encourage personal and professional growth.

Corporate values

Louis Dreyfus Company's (LDC) success in China is driven by the same set of corporate values that have guided the Group since its creation in 1851:

  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Diversity
  • Entrepreneurship

Shared functions

  • Business Development – The Business Development team establishes opportunities for business expansion through investments. It promotes the investment capabilities of LDC and our range of activities to existing and potential partners.
  • Central Logistics – Central Logistics seeks to provide value-added logistics services to our customers. We are dedicated to delivering customized supply chain solutions to the Group’s 15 production lines and cooperate with manufactures, carriers, warehouses.
  • Execution – The Execution team provides execution services across multiple commodities, including contract management, contract/shipment execution, systems implementation/improvement/maintenance. It also undertakes process improvement and reporting to ensure all contracts/shipments are executed efficiently and smoothly, that risk control is realized and that quick processing is guaranteed.
  • Finance & Administration – The Finance & Administration team supports all areas of our business at a country level. Professional areas within finance include accounting, treasury, credit, tax, insurance and controlling.
  • Human Resources – The HR team plays an important role, driving business performance and supporting management to attract, retain and develop our employees via recruitment, organizational development, training, talent management as well as compensation and reward initiatives.
  • Industry – The Industry team includes managers and operators involved in the operation of our industrial assets. The processing and refining activities which we engage in constitute a key link in the value chain. Our robust base of production and processing assets enable us to control the quality and movement of supplies along the value chain, while their strategic location gives us opportunities to create synergies and maximize distribution flows.
  • IT – The IT team plays a vital role as a service provider and a business enabler to support business operations to achieve operational efficiency, to safeguard company’s confidential information and to build up strategic advantage of company based on industrial technical trends and solutions.
  • Legal – The Legal team provides full scale support to platform day-to-day operations, merger and aquisition projects, litigation, banking practice for merchandizing and projects and contract management systems. It also provides support for joint venture management in terms of corporate governance and post-closure deal management.
  • Procurement – The Procurement team provides purchasing services for all third party, local and non-trade related expenditure with key coverage in production consumables, MRO and professional service, corporate categories and projects.

Training and career development

Our goal is to be the best-in-class in career development. This drives us to constantly improve our approach and to focus is on identifying and delivering training with a long-term view. We are currently moving to a continuous learning model, which aims to develop the skills of all employees based on an overall multi-year, multi-discipline plan.

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