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Friends of Nature Sustainable Grove – Luís Eduardo Magalhães (BA)

The employees in Luís Eduardo Magalhães (BA) built a sustainable grove at the unit using reused materials such as tires and PET bottles. The 7 000-sqm sustainable grove has trees, flowers, and even a fishpond. It serves as a special place that our employees, partners (such as truck drivers, neighboring businesses, institutions), and city schools can visit and enjoy. All visits are scheduled during office hours.

Together for the Environment – Learn to Teach – Juice Platform

Launched in 2012 by the Juice Platform, the initiative was designed to meet the standards of the SAN – Sustainable Agriculture Network (environmental education). The project is held every year and aims to raise environmental awareness among elementary school students, encouraging learning and the conveying of knowledge about sustainable practices. Children visiting the farms attend lectures by company employees, plant native seedlings and are given an illustrated booklet – prepared exclusively for the project to address orange juice production and providing tips on green consumption and recycling. Since its launch, it has benefited more than 2 200 kids in five schools.

Winter Clothing Campaign

Employees from different units are involved in helping to collect clothes to prepare children, teenagers, adults, communities, organizations, families, and people with special needs for the winter. More than 1 500 pieces of clothing are collected every year at Louis Dreyfus Company.

"Less is More" Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to drive our employees' awareness on the wise use of resources, such as water and energy, and the key message is that less waste means more of these resources in the future.

Safety First

The company currently observes the World Safety Day every year, aiming to have employees and service providers at all of its units worldwide confirm their commitment to safety in the workplace.

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