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Sugar highlights

Brazil is the world's largest sugar producer and exporter

It is the second largest producer of fuel ethanol

Our company is among the five largest sugar traders in the world

Operations in the country

In the North Latam Region, our Platform works to meet the company's global demand, originating raw sugar from sugarcane (VHP) and crystallized and refined sugar (ready for human consumption). These products are marketed to companies and wholesalers worldwide. In Brazil, our company also originates hydrous and anhydrous ethanol fuel for exports and hydrous and neutral ethanol for the industry, which are used mainly by the chemical and beverage industries.

Our Sugar Platform operates in partnership with third parties in the bulk sugar terminals at the ports of Paranaguá (PR) and Santos (SP). Also in partnership with other groups, we ship sugar in 50-kg bags and in containers to foreign markets.

The strength of the Brazilian market

Brazil is among the world's major sugar producers and is the main sugar exporter, accounting for over 45 percent of free global sugar trading. The Country is the second largest producer of fuel ethanol, trailing only the United States.

Because it plays this global role and is present in various regions, the Platform is strongly engaged in trade flow research and in futures markets analyses, giving it vision on supply and demand on both foreign and domestic markets. This view is shared with our partners, and the outcome of this work is the building block for stronger relationships with our customers in key markets.

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