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Juice highlights

Strategic asset operation in Brazil throughout the value chain

Citrus juice and by product marketing in over 70 countries

Among the three largest juice processors and marketers in the world

One of the largest orange and sicilian lemon growers in the world.

About juice

Brazil is the largest orange juice producer in the world, with Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa as the largest consumer markets. The United States, which is also a leading orange juice producer, accounts for about 75 percent of the American consumption and has part of its demand met by Brazilian juice.

Our strengths

Our Brazilian juice operations span the entire value chain and  include orange, lemon and lime juice production, acting on the FCOJ (frozen concentrate orange juice) and  NFC (not from concentrate orange juice) markets. We also market fresh oranges and lemons and derivatives such as CPP (pelleted citrus pulp bran), citrus fruit essential oils and dry and washed peel.

As a global leader in integrated juice production and marketing, we are committed to minimizing the local impacts of our operations. Examples of this are our best practice initiatives in the environmental (wildlife protection, selective collection, forest recovery, etc.); agricultural (care with cultivation and with the soil), and social (support for numerous projects that benefit children and teenagers in the communities where it operates, actions that have secured the company Abrinq Foundation's Company Friend of Children seal since 1998) areas.

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