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Lasting two years, our program is based on a rotational structure in which trainees have contact with several teams and projects in different business areas. We give the trainee the opportunity to develop his or her best skills and competencies by means of a completely practical program.

Trainees are monitored constantly during the program, with joint support from area managers and HR. The company's goal is to identify talents and develop them for a solid career with the Group.

Program Structure

  • Rotation to know the business and the management team;
  • Development in the platform/area of operation;
  • Position in the area with the job estimated, according to each area and graduate's performance during the program;
  • Continuous development in the position and possibility of participation in the Mentoring Program, after the Graduate Program has been completed, to support career development.

Check out a few stages of the selection process:

  • Applications
  • Online steps (English, logical and Cultural Fit)
  • Online group dynamics
  • Online interviews with HR
  • Face-to-face panel with managers and HR


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