5 minutes with… Mik, Head of the Coffee Platform

"I love coffee. As a Finn, it’s deep-rooted in my culture - in fact it was almost a ritual."

Our commitment to sustainable Palm Oil production

LDC sees it as its responsibility to work towards sustainable production and full traceability

The coffee journey – from tree to cup

From farm gate to roasting facility, LDC manages the coffee bean’s journey before it reaches supermarket shelves

Across generations: Our lives at Maison Louis-Dreyfus

Interview with Jean-Michel Picaud, fourth generation of his family to work for LDC

Customer-centricity – more than just a trend

Insights into customer-centricity at LDC, from CEO Gonzalo Ramírez Martiarena

5 Minutes with… Ana, Grains and Oilseeds FP&A Manager

Ana shares words of wisdom about learning and career progression at LDC

From farm to fork

Wherever you are in the world, our products likely play a role in several parts of your day

Keeping people safe as part of the job

We are dedicated to creating a safe workplace wherever we operate around the world.

The coffee story: how goats discovered the coffee bean

The legend says that coffee was discovered by goat herds circa 800 A.D.

Part 2: Into the uncharted waters of the Industrial Revolution

In Part 2 of our 3-part series about LDC's history we look at milestones of the 18th century

Part 3: Into the new millennium

The final post in our 3-part series about LDC's company history

Preparing for our future, today

Balancing the need to produce the highest possible yield in the most sustainable way

The Global Merchant

From local grain business to a European pioneer in the field of trade and agriculture

Part 1: The seed that fed humanity: Wheat’s humble origins

The story of wheat, the second most produced cereal grain in the world

Part 2: The seed that fed humanity: Revolution in modern agriculture

Part 2 of our series focuses on farming innovations that revolutionised the industry

Part 3: The seed that fed humanity: Its global presence

In the 19th century, wheat farmers faced a seemingly impossible challenge

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