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Environment Monitoring Data

We have one licensed facility in NSW located in Moree. Our Moree site is operated under LDC Warehousing Australia Pty Limited and the site is licensed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

If you would like to access the summary of our EPA license, please refer to the link below:

Moree EPA License – License # 4133

Water results 05.04.2017.pdf

Water results 17.10.2017.pdf

Site Details:

Address: Newell Highway, South of Moree
Postal address: P.O. Box 211, Moree, NSW 2400
Phone number: 02 6752 4655
Fax: 02 6752 4655
Email: [email protected]

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Procedure for Notification of Incident to Neighbors

In the event of an environmental incident it is the responsibility of the Operations Manager to notify emergency services and people living in neighboring areas.

Contact details of relevant authorities – Moree Site

EPA: 02 6773 7000 or 13 15 55
WorkCover: 02 6792 8720 or 131050
SES: 132500
Fire Brigade: 02 6792 5107 or 000
Police: 02 6792 7199 or 000
Ambulance: 131233
Emergency: 000

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