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Three categories of compliance area address the following:

Regulatory Compliance

This area is focused on anticipating new regulatory requirements that may impact the Group’s business and developing a strong culture of compliance with rules and regulations amongst employees. They also ensure hedging transactions on the exchanges are fully compliant with all rules and regulations, and preserve our reputation as a reliable actor in the market.

Trade Compliance

This area is responsible for policies and controls for the avoidance of corruption and making sure our Group refrains from any business activity that does not uphold our ethical standards as stated in our Code of Conduct. It consults on trade practice compliance, training, risk mapping, the selection of adequate business partners and our policy on whistle blowing.

This area also performs a regulatory watch on international sanctions. It then determines our internal compliance policies and structures to ensure that our complex global trade flows are compliant with applicable sanction regulations.

Compliance Monitoring

This area is dedicated to the monitoring our activity and transactions to ensure our compliance policies are complied with, using a data driven and risk based approach.

Compliance Awareness and Training

Our Group uses a number of different approaches to ensure our employees are adequately and correctly trained for the functions they perform and are aware of the legislation affecting the Group’s business.

E-learning modules have been designed to address compliance-related topics, such as the Group’s Code of Conduct, trade sanctions, trade practice (anti-bribery and corruption rules) and Anti Money Laundering. Training materials and additional guidelines are prepared and made available to specific teams so that they can be presented during formal awareness and training sessions.

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