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An active involvement in Australian agriculture over 100 years

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) first opened its Australian office in Melbourne in 1913, trading grains to the international market. The company became a major wheat exporter in the earliest days of the Australian grain industry, prior to the foundation of the Australian Wheat Board.

In conjunction with the main wheat export business, LDC was the primary importer of jute bags into Australia for grain handling and transport, until bulk handling facilities evolved in the 1930s.

The company diversified its Australian activities after WWII. Throughout the past 100 years Louis Dreyfus Company has maintained a strong presence in all aspects of Australian agriculture, evolving from a single platform in 1913 to 4 platforms today.

Our business today

LDC has been a significant buyer and exporter of grain and cotton for many years. More recently, the scope of our activities has significantly increased with the successful launch of several new business lines (“platforms”) in Australia, including Sugar and Oilseeds.

The Company has also invested in a wide range of infrastructure to support its operations in grain and cotton.

Grain growers in NSW can deliver directly to our efficient handling facilities at Narrabri, Newcastle and Moree all year round. These facilities are an intrinsic part of the Louis Dreyfus Company integrated supply chain destined for export markets.

Cotton is received and ginned at our Dalby (QLD) and Moree (NSW) warehouses, and prepared for export to international markets.

Reliable Relationships with Our Partners

LDC Australia offers high-quality services to growers, producers, domestic consumers and international clients alike. This is achieved through sound supply chain management and financial security, but also through active association with all major commodities industry groups and stakeholders within the Australian agricultural industry. Our proven business practices and deep knowledge of the local market mean that growers and producers can market their crops and products through our team of experts with confidence.

2 platforms

Our Australian activities are diversified across 2 platforms

2 platforms

Our Australian activities are diversified across 2 platforms

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