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Committed to Argentina

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) is committed to Argentina and its development and is already a key player in our nation’s growth. We have been operating in Argentina since the nineteenth century, and have a strong investment policy for the agricultural industry sector. Since 2000 we have quintupled the number of people we directly employ to more than 1 300, and we generate thousands of indirect jobs throughout the country. Since 2004 we have invested more than 450 million dollars in port infrastructure, logistics and industrial assets.

Activities in Argentina

LDC Argentina is one of the country’s largest companies and its third major exporter. We commercialize oilseeds, grains, soybean meal and oil, biodiesel, cotton, fertilizers, agrochemicals and seeds. We have a network of storage assets in 19 locations, and provide commercial and logistics services, as well as inputs and financial solutions to a constantly growing client base.

Our main assets

  • General Lagos is the second largest private port in Argentina, where more than five million tons are shipped annually. The industrial complex has two soybean crushing lines for the production of oil and soybean meal, with a daily crushing capacity of 12,000 tons. It also has two production lines of biodiesel from soybean oil with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons, making it the largest soy-based biodiesel processing plant in the world and positioning LDC Argentina as the main national producer and exporter of biodiesel. It also has a lecithin production line with a daily capacity of
    80 tons.
  • Timbúes is one of the most modern crushing plants in Argentina processing over four million metric tons of oilseeds per year.
  • Bahía Blanca is a deep-water port with a grains storage and elevator warehouse with a storage capacity of approximately 120 000 tons.


Quality standards

All of our assets comply with environmental and safety requirements demanded by the relevant competent organizations. Our products meet all the international quality standards required by our customers.

Risk management

Our Group’s success is attributed mainly to our sophisticated risk management process, which allows us to manage the risks inherent in complex supply chains that operate from field to end consumer. The risks we manage include logistical, operational, country, financial and commodity price and we seek to mitigate them for optimal outcome. Our ability to manage risk has been strengthened by our investment in processing plants and logistics infrastructure and by working in close partnership with producers around the world.

Top 3

We are one of Argentina’s top three exporters

Top 3

We are one of Argentina’s top three exporters

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