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Our platforms in Argentina

  • Grains
  • Oilseeds
  • Cotton
  • Rice
  • Dairy
  • Fertilizers & Inputs
  • Finance

Our activities Argentina

Louis Dreyfus Company Argentina is a national leader in processing and marketing commodities. We have solid knowledge of the domestic market and a powerful international marketing network.

  • Grains: We originate wheat, barley and sorghum from all of Argentina’s cropping areas. We provide warehousing and processing solutions for growers and third parties, and transport grains and merchandize them on domestic and international markets.
  • Oilseeds: We process soybean seeds in our crushing plants. Based on a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, we are able to significantly increase the range of destinations for our agribusiness exports.
  • Cotton: We are an integrated cotton supply business operating from farms to export destinations. We originate, gin, warehouse and ship cotton and cottonseeds to global markets.
  • Dairy: We originate and ship a wide variety of dairy products from Argentina to international markets. We also supply the dairy processing industry with specialized ingredients.
  • Fertilizers & Inputs: We directly distribute a variety of fertilizer products to Argentinean farmers via our sales team or through our agents network. We also provide comprehensive soil testing services for our customers.
  • Seeds: we offer different varieties of seeds that have the best genetics and have proven to produce optimum results for our farmers.

A growing business

  • More than 120 years of experience
  • One of Argentina’s largest companies and the third largest exporter
  • A key player in Argentina’s agribusiness sector
  • The number of employees has quintupled since 2000 to more than 1 300
  • Growing number of strategic assets adding value for all our stakeholders
  • Fully integrated supply chain in the main producing areas with key investments in Santa Fe and Buenos Aires provinces


We own offices and storage assets in 22 locations throughout Argentina


We own offices and storage assets in 22 locations throughout Argentina

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